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Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop

Topic: How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop?

Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop

There most definitely are instances if you simply end up in a pickle with a totally drained out battery and the laptop computer merely not charging it. In that case, How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop?

There are principally two methods which you can accomplish this:

  • Charging externally with an AC adapter
  • Using one other laptop computer to cost the battery

Ways to Charge a Laptop Battery Without a Laptop

Charging A Battery Externally

Some removable laptops batteries include the power to hook up with an exterior laptop computer battery charger. 

Before you determine to cost your laptop computer battery without having it connected to The Gaming Product laptop computer, it’s best to be sure that it will possibly interface with such adapters. You must be sure that the pins are suitable.

Laptop battery manufacturers design batteries otherwise, and so they could or could not be capable to cost externally with such adapters.

This methodology solely works with laptop computer batteries which might be DETACHABLE. Internal laptop computer batteries work in a distinct method. They shouldn’t have exterior chargers for them out there. Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop.

Advantage Of Externally Rechargeable Laptop Battery

This is an answer to those that want to be sure that their The Gaming Product laptop computer is at all times powered on regardless of having challenges of lack of laptop computer charger or electrical energy failure.

It is at all times advisable to get several additional laptop computer batteries to have in spare in instances of want.

Having a battery that may be recharged without getting related to the laptop computer is vital in some ways. For instance, if you’re touring and there’s no means of charging your laptop computer, you could cost an additional battery whereas your battery is powering The Gaming Product laptop computer. Also, in case your laptop computer charger is misplaced or fails, it could take several days to buy it.

Identifying Laptop Model

Before heading to the vendor’s website, it’s best to know your laptop computer data.

You may discover within the system guide that you simply have been supplied as you bought the laptop computer. The laptop computer data may also be obtained within the management panel or under the underside plate cowl.

Identifying Model from System Information

You could or could not discover the MODEL of your The Gaming Product laptop computer within the system data. However, you’ll be able to nonetheless strive by following the easy steps under.

  • In Windows 7, you’ll be able to simply enter the system data by right-clicking on the Computer (This PC on Windows 10) firstly menu after which choosing Properties.

On the opposite hand, yow will discover the data from the management panel or utilize the system data device.

  • Power on the laptop computer and launch the Control panel from the beginning menu.
  • Click the graphics choice titled System and Security. This will launch the System Information panel.

Having verified the data, now you can go to the seller’s website and buy a brand new battery or AC adapter connector that meets your specs. Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop.

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Using A Similar Laptop To Charge The Battery

This may very well be the final resort in case you tried the tactic above and it failed.

You really want an extra working laptop whose mannequin is just like your present laptop computer. This methodology couldn’t be the most suitable choice in the event you can’t purchase an identical laptop computer or if you end up touring.

In my opinion, the easiest way to cost a laptop computer battery is by plugging an AC adapter into its connector. It could be advisable to have an additional battery so that whereas one is charging, the opposite one is powering the battery.

What About Non Removable Internal Batteries?

Most of the newer laptop models include nondetachable inner batteries. Since these are slim and lightweight, they’ve virtually changed the removable laptop computer batteries.

If you occur to have one such laptop computer, then there’s completely no means by which you can cost this The Gaming Product laptop computer battery without a laptop computer if you’re not a technician.

You will both want a functioning laptop computer or require a variety of expertise with opening up and fixing batteries. Only skilled technicians are suggested to do that.

Plus in the event you go this route, the devices and instruments that you will want to open the battery, de-solder each battery after which recharge them with a devoted charger would value you virtually as a lot as a budget laptop.

If you might be skilled and you may take away the battery and at the identical time create a contraption that has the identical voltage and present score because of the battery, then chances are you’ll basically obtain the charging. Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop.

However, we extremely advise in opposition to eradicating the inner batteries without a skilled assist in addition to creating an exterior charging contraption. Playing around with the batteries is extremely harmful.


There are principally two methods to cost a laptop computer battery without a laptop computer in easy phrases. Any different means would require you to open up the laptop computer battery, dismount each battery cell and cost them individually.

Since that’s pretty sophisticated in addition to a DANGEROUS methodology we don’t advocate it. This is very the case if you’re not effectively versed with electronics.

Batteries are risky objects. They include several warnings. Therefore, tampering round with these with no prior information will not be advisable.

If all else fails, we might advocate that you simply go to a skilled technician.

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