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How To Clone A Laptops Hard Disk

Topic: How To Clone A Laptops Hard Disk (Migrate To SSD Or HDD)

How To Clone A Laptops Hard Disk

Cloning a tough drive merely means migrating information, packages, and settings from one exhausting disk to a different. The finished result’s that the content material of each exhausting disk would be similar. Read more about How To Clone A Laptops Hard Disk?

It is a daunting activity however don’t fret, right here we are going to study how one can clone a laptop computer exhausting disk the only approach attainable.

Furthermore, cloning is a lot better as a result of all information, software program packages, and exhausting disk drive settings being identical.

It is essential to clone a laptop computer exhausting drive to a bigger exhausting drive as a result of varied causes. The Gaming Product Laptop customers might both improve or transfer laptop computer exhausting drive.

Hard disk cloning is advantageous as a result of you don’t want to do repetitive duties similar to reinstalling software program packages and modifying the settings on the new exhausting disk drive.

You can even clone a tough disk drive to a lot greater and new exhausting disk drive that has extra space.

As you determine to clone your laptop computer exhausting drive, make sure that your goal at attaining several of the next aims:

  • To improve from outdated to a more modern exhausting disk drive
  • Migration of contents of a tough disk drive to a bigger exhausting disk or a sooner SSD
  • To have a reproduction/backup of a tough disk drive
  • Migration of contents of the exhausting disk drive to a smaller one

Basic Requirements for How to Clone a Laptop Hard Disk

There are three fundamental necessities that it is best to meet earlier than you begin the cloning course. These situations will enable you to efficiently clone a laptop computer exhausting disk drive.

The necessities embody a cloning software program program, USB-to-SATA cable, and a vacation spot exhausting disk that may comprise all contents of the older exhausting disk drive. How To Clone A Laptops?

Disk Cloning Software

You want a dependable, straightforward to make use of and secure disk cloning software program to perform the duty. Many builders launched cloning software program packages.

All these software program functions serve the identical goal although there could also be slight variations. For instance, some functions are freeware whereas most are nonfree.

Freeware functions could be downloaded and used freely with all options included.

On the opposite hand, you need to pay for nonfree functions to be able to use them. Some functions that you should use might embody AOMEI Partition Assistant and Acronis True Image.

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Destination Hard Disk

You will use the vacation spot exhausting disk drive to emigrate all of the contents of the older disk drive.

Ensure that the vacation spot disk has sufficient storage to comprise all of the content material that’s saved within the older disk drive. How To Clone A Laptops?

You might use an SSD (Solid-state Drive), HDD, or detachable disk to serve the aim of a vacation spot drive.


Computer technicians use USB to SATA cables for their regular work. However, for the aim of cloning the exhausting disk drive, you have to do it as effectively.

You must plug the cable into The Gaming Product laptop computer port to assist you to join the inner parts that use the SATA interface.

You can hold the cable to serve you every time your expertise exhausting drive failure.

The Cloning Process

As mentioned earlier, varied cloning functions have been launched to the top customers. For the aim of this text, I’ll display how one can clone a tough disk drive utilizing an AOMEI partition assistant software program on a Windows laptop computer.

AOMEI partition assistant is freeware and is obtainable for obtain from the manufacturer’s website. If it is advisable to use it commercially, you too can buy the PRO model of the software program. How To Clone A Laptops?

The software program is preferable as a result of you should use it with totally different storage units similar to HDD, SDD, and exterior exhausting drive amongst others.

Furthermore, you too can use it to partition your vacation spot disk drive.

  • Download AOMEI Partition Assistant: Go to the AOMEI partition assistant producer’s website and obtain the freeware to a folder on your laptop computer.
  • Click the executable file and supply the administrator password if prompted to take action.
  • Install the Software by following all of the steps supplied by the installer

Scenarios to Consider

  • Cloning a disk that has a “system partition”
  • Cloning is a tough drive for the aim of saving information.
Cloning A Disk That Has “System Partition”

When cloning a disk that has a system partition, you first must bodily set up the vacation spot drive to the laptop computer. This would require you to open up the laptop computer. Do not try this if you’re not sure.

Then join the outdated drive to The Gaming Product laptop computer utilizing the USB-to-SATA cable. If you do in any other case, your vacation spot drive won’t be bootable. How To Clone A Laptops?

Cloning A Hard Drive For The Purpose Of Saving Data

On the opposite hand, if you wish to clone the exhausting drive for the aim of saving information, chances are you’ll set up the AOMEI software program to the laptop computer after which use the USB-to-SATA cable to join the vacation spot exhausting drive.

Otherwise, clone from the bootable media created by the AOMEI Disk Partition Assistant every time you wish to use a cloned drive as well as The Gaming Product laptop computer.

You mustn’t have a working system put in on the bootable media when cloning from it.

Whenever you utilize the bootable media as well as the laptop computer, it would show the software program’s fundamental interface and it’ll allow you to start the cloning course at this level. How To Clone A Laptops?

Using AOMEI To Clone

Below is a step-by-step technique of how one can clone your exhausting disk utilizing the AOMEI partition assistant.

Step 1: Launch The AOMEI Disk Partition Assistant
Launch The AOMEI Disk Partition Assistant

Click on Disk Copy Wizard positioned on the left panel of the principle interface.

Step 2: Select Copy Option

This Window permits you to select your preferable disk copy choice. Within the wizard Window, there are two choices of the tactic you wish to use to repeat the disk: copy disk rapidly or sector-by-sector copy.

You are suggested to pick the choice named “Copy Disk Quickly”.

Copy Disk Quickly

It is beneficial to make use of the choice of Copy Disk Quickly as result of it would assist you to copy solely the used space of the drive to the vacation spot drive. The partition assistant won’t copy any unused house.

This is advantageous as a result of it would assist you to copy the content material even to a smaller disk drive so long as it has the adequate house to comprise all of the content material.

Sector by Sector Copy

If you utilize Sector by Sector Copy choice, the partition assistant will copy all of the sectors of the older disk to the vacation spot disk drive. How To Clone A Laptops?

This will embody each used an unused sector. Therefore, in the event you select this selection, it is advisable to make sure that the vacation spot disk drive has a similar measurement or is bigger than the supply disk drive.

It is essential to decide on the choice fastidiously as a result of as soon as the cloning course begins, it won’t allow you to edit the partitions.

Step 3: Select The Source Drive

On clicking the button labeled “next”, the wizard will show a listing of disks that are linked to the laptop computer.

Carefully choose the disk that you just wish to copy after which click on subsequent.

Step 4: Select The Destination Drive

The wizard will show a listing of drives and you need to select the goal disk to repeat the supplied disk to.

Below the listing of vacation spot drives is a test field that you could be tick if the goal disk is an SSD.

By ticking the checkbox, the AOMEI partition assistant will optimize SSD’s efficiency after the cloned course by aligning the SSD.

If the SSD just isn’t aligned when cloning from the exhausting disk drive, will probably be slower and inefficient. You want the SSD as well at a comparatively excessive velocity and that’s why it ought to be aligned.

In case you overlook picking the checkbox at this level, you possibly can at all times use the identical partition assistant to align the partitions after the cloning course. How To Clone A Laptops?

Step 5: Edit Destination Disk’s Partition

This step permits you to regulate the partition measurement of the goal disk drive. It has three choices: copy without resizing, match partitions to complete disk, and edit partitions on the disk.

If it is advisable to regulate the partitions, choose the third choice.

Step 6: Finish The Cloning Process

This is the ultimate stage of disk drive cloning. Remember to learn the not on how one can boot from the vacation spot disk after cloning.

Click the end button after which apply the adjustments by clicking Apply button. Monitor the cloning operation and if something goes fallacious through the course of, click on begin cloning.

Step 7: Replacing Drives

Disconnect the vacation spot drive from the laptop computer as quickly because the cloning course ends. Power off the laptop computer and disconnect all hooked-up peripherals.

Remove The Gaming Product laptop computer battery and change the prevailing exhausting disk drive with the brand new drive. You may have to make use of a screwdriver to open the laptop computer’s again case to be able to acquire entry to the inner parts.

Step 8: Test The New Hard Drive

Install all of the laptop computer components and energy it on. If the laptop computer boots usually, then it is best to perceive that the cloning was profitable.

Laptop Disk Cloning Errors

There are several explanations why chances are you’ll not efficiently clone the exhausting disk drive. In this case, the vacation spot exhausting drive might fail as well or it might be too sluggish.

If the brand new drive fails as well, the error might have been attributable to poor USB-to-SATA connection or battery downside. How To Clone A Laptops?

You can clear up the difficulty by performing information backup and restoration on the exhausting disk drive.

On the opposite hand, if the brand new exhausting drive is simply too sluggish, chances are you’ll want to make use of the partition assistant software to realign the sectors.

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