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How to Enchant Your Tools And Armor In Minecraft

Topic: How to Enchant Your Tools And Armor In Minecraft

How to Enchant Your Tools And Armor In Minecraft

How to Enchant Your Tools And Armor In Minecraft

Minecraft enchantments add buffs to your tools, weapons, and armor. Enchantments do things like make fishing faster, increase draw speed, or even add lightning damage to attacks.

In this Minecraft enchantment guide, we’ll walk you through building an enchanting table, getting better enchantments, and a list of some of the enchantments available.

Build a Lovely Table

To enchant items, you’ll really only need an enchanting table, but a grinding stone (2 sticks, 1 stone slab, 2 planks) and an anvil (3 iron blocks, 4 iron ingots) will also come in handy.

An enchanting table requires one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian.

The books can be made with three papers (which you can make from sugar cane) and one piece of leather.

Diamonds are a little harder to get. First, you’ll need (at least) an iron pickaxe. Then you’ll need to dig below level 15 or so (15 blocks above where the stone turns into deep slate). Diamond becomes even more common the lower down, so 15 is the minimum depth, but closer to level -60 it will be more productive.

Once you have some diamonds, create a diamond pickaxe so you can collect obsidian. You can find obsidian on the surface of a ruined portal or in caves where flowing water meets lava. However, it is much easier to make your own. If you have a constant supply of lava, such as with a lava farm to generate infinite lava, place a bucket of lava in a hole and pour a bucket of water over it. Lava turns into obsidian.

With all your resources gathered, make your table charming.

Enchantment Items And Enchantment Level

To enchant an item, you’ll need the item you want to enchant and some lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is that blue-flecked mineral you find while mining. It is most common around level 0, where the stone changes to deep slate.

To enchant your tool, simply place it on the enchanting table in the slot on the left, and place some lapis lazuli in the slot on the right. Three enchantment options will appear on the right. Applying one of the enchantments will cost 1-3 lapis lazuli and 1-3 player levels (which you get from XP). The green number to the right is the minimum level you need to unlock that enchantment, but it doesn’t affect the cost.

The three enchantments that appear depend on two things: your level (the green number at the bottom of the screen) and the enchantment level. You will increase your player level by collecting XP, which you can earn by doing things like killing mobs, mining ores, and smelting. Increasing the enchantment level requires bookshelves.

Placing a bookshelf (3 books, 6 planks) one block away from an enchantment table increases its enchantment level. Each bookcase you add makes the enchantment table level a bit higher, up to a total of 15. (Basically, this means the more bookshelves you have, the better the enchantments.) There must be a space between the bookshelf and the enchanting table, and nothing can be in that space (not even a torch). How to Enchant Your Tools And Armor In Minecraft.

Get Different Charms

The three enchantments that appear when you use an enchantment table are drawn from a setlist. It does have some randomness, so you’ll get better ones as you level up or add and remove bookshelves, but the list won’t change much.

To get a new list for the table to draw randomly, you’ll need to use one of the offered enchantments. Take the cheapest one, it will always cost 1 lapis lazuli and 1 level, and apply it to something like a book or a random weapon. When you return to the table, the list will be (mostly) new.

Remove And Combine Enchantments

Using a Grindstone will remove enchantments from an item.

An Anvil allows you to combine enchantments from two items or apply an enchanted book to one item.

Minecraft Charms List

A list of enchantments that can be added to tools and armor using an enchantment table can be found below, courtesy of the Minecraft Wiki. For a full list of enchantments, see the Minecraft Wiki. How to Enchant Your Tools And Armor In Minecraft.

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